Scenehunt is a place for anyone with a even a passing interest in films and travelling. We rely on the community to spread the word on film locations and we expect users to behave as they would expect others to towards them.

With that in mind we have put together user guidelines for the Do's and Dont's of using Scenehunt.

Please do...

  • Upload hi res photographs where you can (max: 6mb). Some of the locations are in the most beautiful places on Earth and we want to showcase that! Try to use only photos of the subject / landscape. If there are obvious people’s faces in the photos please ensure they are happy with their image going on the site, and if you can’t, drop us an email with the image and we can look to blur out faces or we would advise against uploading.
  • Fill out the listings to the best of your knowledge. We want Scenehunt to be as informative and useful as possible so please be as accurate and detailed as you can possibly be.
  • Let us know how we are doing with Scenehunt. Whether it be a bug, an improvement or notification of some innacurate data, use our feedback form to get in touch.

Please don't...

  • Create fake spots. That's just lame and we won't be very happy with any members that do. At ALL.
  • Upload inappropriate images and descriptions. Any images or text that are inflammatory, abusive, pornographic and discriminatory will not be tolerated. Any member found to have done this will be removed.

We reserve the right to remove any image, listing, or member that violates these guidelines. We would rather not, so play nice!

Most importantly, please respect the locations you’re visiting, increases in footfall to popular locations can, and has caused damage to areas of beauty and we want to encourage responsible behaviour when visiting sites. Please leave the locations as you found them, be respectful of neighbours and wildlife and be mindful of others when taking photos. Thanks!

We appreciate true and honest feedback as it helps us improve the site so let us know what you think.