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Scenehunt is a directory for fans to post and share film and tv set locations from all around the world. We are a film geek community on a mission to allow everyone the fun of seeing their favourite scenes in real life.

We are nothing without you so we promise to treat and support users to the best of our ability. We hold our users privacy dearly too and we will never sell data of any kind. Nope. Nadda. It's simply never going to happen.

Yes. It's simple really.

Why don't you sign up and check it out for yourself...

That's great that you know of a spot! Simply, log in or create your account and select "add Film."

Navigate to the location, as exact as you can get it please, use the satelite view if that helps to pinpoint it. Then click onto the location, a form will open where you can add the film title, the location, a description, images and youtube url of the scene.

Submit your film and it will soon be added to the site!

We want to create a community of liked minded individuals that enjoy the concept of movie tourism. We have made accounts a requirement so we can make sure the site doesn't get spammed unnecessarily. For more information see our guidelines.

If a location's details are inaccurate in any way please let us know using the feedback form. Please add the URL of the film listing too so we know specifically which one you are referring too!

Being a company based in Scotland, yes, yes we do. We take our users privacy seriously and have made the effort to make it as easy as possible for a user to access the data we store. We take it so seriously we have offered the option of making your account invisible to other Scenehunt members. We hope to create a community here so we would like users to be open and honest when using the site. However, we understand some people want that extra level of privacy.

For more information please view our privacy policy.

The site as you see it right now is version 1. We have plans to implement further features that will enhance Scenehunt as a viable tool for movie tourism. Does this mean we will introduce a pricing structure? Possibly. However, we won't do anything without notifying users first. Plus, the basic features of allowing a user to edit and submit locations will always be free. Always.

We appreciate true and honest feedback as it helps us improve the site so let us know what you think.