Our story

Also known as "the one where Ross spends one night of his Honeymoon scouring maps of Iceland and the internet trying to solve one riddle..."

...which glacier was a scene of Batman Begins actually filmed on?!

This web app was born out of one frustrating evening on my (Ross) honeymoon this year in Iceland. As a self proclaimed movie geek, I was determined to discover some the iconic sets that Iceland has provided the film industry, especially in recent years. My wife and I were planning a drive along the ring road to the southern highlands trying to take in as many movie spots as possible. However, trying to find reliable information for each location was harder than we thought.

Batman glacier

One location in particular, the mountain scene of Batman Begins was proving difficult to pin point. 5 hours later after pouring over online maps and various movie tourism sites it was still a guess as to whether one of the locations was indeed the right one. (It was kinda - but we have managed to give you the specific co-ordinates here!). All the sites had conflicting information, were too broad in their information and in some cases were flat out wrong! It lead me to wonder...

What if there was a site that contained crowd sourced data that was reliable and specific enough to help anyone discover the joy of movie tourism?

Hopefully that site can be Scenehunt.

I have worked with my fellow maker Chris to try and make this a reality, using my experience of Iceland to try and set a solid platform on which to build what we hope will be a useful tool for fellow movie fans. We have what we think is an exciting roadmap (no pun intended) for new features and updates which we hope to add to create in the near future.

But we need your help!

Scenehunt needs data from all over the world - if there is a spot that was used for filming an iconic scene local to you then sign up (it's free), join the community and share with fellow movie geeks!

We appreciate true and honest feedback as it helps us improve the site so let us know what you think.